Pin Bars


Pin bars are commonly used inside the vacuum frame or on a light table to align layers punched with a plate or film punch, or with an office supply punch. All of our base material is 1" wide and .015" thick, with stock base lengths varying from 12" to 36". The buttons used on our pin bars are precision machined to exact tolerances, and the buttons are spot welded multiple times as these bars are intended for years of use. The number of buttons, the shape of the buttons and their spacing are all dependent upon the punch you own, or the bar’s intended usage. Pin bars are available in two common heights of .085" or .120" with custom heights available. The common height choice for inside the vacuum frame or for printmaking is .085", while the light table height is .120". Prices on pin bars vary depending usually upon the number of buttons, but also upon variables such as button sizes, custom base lengths, the buttons being welded offset on the bases, etc. We have jigs for the more commonly ordered bars but require punched samples to make custom bars. We use your actual samples to hold the buttons in place while welding the custom bars. In this way we match your punch exactly. Samples should be about 4" wide, from as sturdy a material as possible, and sent either curled into a square box or in a tube. Do not send folded samples. Do not send paper samples. Several examples are shown below of common spacings, with custom spacings available. Pin bars are usually made when ordered.

I don't make custom bars as much anymore as they take too much time and are usually not profitable. But I still make them to help people out. So help me out in return in your first email by using the diagram below and telling me- 1) How many buttons. 2) The distance from button 1 to button 5 (center to center). 3) The distance from button 2 to button 4 (center to center). 4) Button height choice. 5) The sizes of the buttons. Doing this will save me time and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Pin Bars
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