Ternes Burton is a tiny company in Minnesota USA known worldwide for making quality register pins, stripping tabs, pin bars, and hole reinforcers. We make our own products in house, and have done since 1970. Our products are made one at a time with attention paid to both quality and detail. Our products are sold to printmakers, artists, art schools, universities, as well as commercial printing companies and silk screening companies. We are the original company making register pins and are known worldwide for making the best available. The most common use for our register pins and stripping tabs is for relief printing using linoleum and wood block.


Relief printers working in linoleum and wood carve away parts of their material, ink the remaining surface and print a color, then carve away more material, print another color onto the same piece of paper, and so on. Complicated prints can have more than two dozen colors and steps. Registration is critical. If you don’t have each color exactly in register to the previous ones you cannot go back. Your material is already carved away. If your work is out of register your time and materials are wasted. Each time a color is added your paper must be in exactly the same place to your base material. My register pins and stripping tabs are made to help you with this. They are made from the highest quality materials with multiple welds for years of use.

Stocked and available in a wide variety of diameters, heights and sizes to meet any requirement.

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by Erik van Ommen
website: www.erikvanommen.nl